Additional Services

Forensic property investigation in association with Herman Rademeyer (Note: More info or identification?)

  • Obtaining the zoning and servitude rights of developments
  • Deeds office investigation regarding legal rules registered and exclusive rights confirmations with schedule confirmation
  • Parking zoning and development legislation regarding the specific development
  • Companies office registrations and director verifications.

Financial forensic investigations in association with JTC Auditors

  • Forensic financial reporting and auditing
  • Taxation and statutory investigations and resubmission of related statutory and tax requirements
  • Complete financial forensic investigation of financial accounting data at the client's request
  • Verification of accuracy of previous reporting, highlighting any discrepancies in previous financial accounting practice.

Property investigations regarding Legal Disputes

  • WinDeed investigations and property valuations
  • Confirmation of council approved plans and development requirements
  • Exclusive use area schedule registrations