Paxton-Cerva is a Mauritian based property practitioner, facilities management firm that has over 29 years of experience managing residential, mixed property development and commercial, Syndicate schemes, Homeowners’ Association schemes, commercial buildings, retirement villages, security estates and security business forums.

We have partnered with Urbanise Strata which offers an IT property platform that enables Smart City Management in terms of utilities management , asset management, facilities management, and tenant management as well as recoveries that balances back to an individual Trust account that is client specific and daily verified by accounting platforms that can be viewed by the client on a live basis.

The Smart City Concept that is made available interims of the IT platform and Legal and Financial expertise’s with an excellent record of Tenant and Building Management gives our clients the edge to manage their investment to the maximum with calculated and budgeted expenses that are monthly reported on international standard

We add value as a Property Practitioner and through the IT platforms interlinked with a commercial banker delivers expert service re collection of levies/rentals, monthly reporting, financial management, facilities management, administration, legal assistance, attending to statutory requirements, offering auditing services compliant with IFRS for SMEs and expertise in various fields pertaining to property management.

Paxton-Cerva delivers a tailor-made, client specific approach across all residential, commercial and community upliftment projects ensuring each client receives exceptional value for money with the support of a dynamic, qualified and efficient team.

Since 1988 Paxton-Cerva prides itself with professional excellence, integrity and comprehensive service delivery.

Since 2007 our work scope comprises of State-owned buildings, procurement procedures with State Departments and negotiations with tenants assuring internal governance and procedural requirements. We further attend to negotiations on budgets, repairs and occupation requirements.

Moreleta Extension 50 Homeowners’ Association:
Hano Harmse - Chairperson

Paxton Cerva is a well-established and professional company with one stop services. Their mindset is customer based and solutions driven. Stop looking. Paxton-Cerva Property Services is your answer.