Paxton-Cerva is a Mauritius - based company, Company No. : 161982 that specializes in Smart City management, specializing in administrative, legal and financial governance and utilities property management and fund management. We are currently collaborating on the following business projects.

1. Hotel investors in Mauritius, as we will act as their property procurement agent and fund manager and development project manager incorporating Smart City Technology and administrative and financial IT platforms that comply with international accounting standards that will manage the development with transparent and comprehensive financial reporting and asset management. In lieu of the above, we will make use of electrical engineers, architects, water engineers and structural engineers to ensure compliance with Mauritian development laws.

Currently, we are negotiating with two hotel groups Paxton-Cerva Mauritius renders services to.

2. Property IT Development for Client Specific Use Paxton-Cerva Mauritius is currently developing and compiling in collaboration with Propmin, the legal and property governance as well as a financial business plan for the client.

3. Fund Management - we currently have a South-African developer which is eager to utilize our Mauritian IT platform that is interlinked with our Mauritian bank account to manage and govern a property development project as a fund manager

Property and Facilities management

Our firm that has over 29 years of experience managing residential, mixed property development and commercial sectional title Homeowners’ Association schemes, commercial buildings, retirement villages, security estates and security business forums. We add value to Homeowners’ Associations/Community Scheme Developments through collection of levies/rentals, monthly reporting, financial management, facilities management, maintenance and refurbishment projects, administration of all compliance requirements, legal assistance, attending to statutory requirements, offering auditing services compliant with international standards. We offer expertise in various fields pertaining to property management. Paxton-Cerva delivers a tailor-made, client specific approach across all residential, community-scheme development, commercial and retirement villages ensuring each client receives exceptional value for money with the support of a dynamic, qualified and efficient team. We have enquiries from Mauritian scheme developments to assist with property and facility management.

Smart City Operator

As described below, our Smart City Technology can enhance the Mauritian property industry due to the high level of development and integration with the physical building.

Our company works in association with a listed Australian Smart City company that ensures that we deliver a highly developed platform with smart city technologies and sensors integrating an IT platform with hardware that complies with international standards to enable the property developer/manager to effectively manage the development based on the maximum yield at the lowest maintenance cost.

Our IT platform integrated with hardware allows the data that is accumulated to be utilized for analytical and financial purposes to enable the property owner to take transparent decisions and have a broad-based of information relating to service providers, maintenance requirements and budget targets.

Our platform for the physical management integrates with an accounting platform inter-phase with a live banking platform that allows the client to view accurate financial reporting relating to his building or development.

Further to the smart city technology, we integrate the utilities management of all aspects referring to gas, electricity, water, green energy into an integrated energy grid with reconciliations of actual use versus sales re monetary value that allows the property owner to identify losses or leaks and allows the end user to purchase utilities on an ewallet system on a mobile app.

We are convinced that we can offer Mauritian scheme developments a solution in terms of accurate recoveries for utilities that will increase the income of scheme developments and limit the risk.

Mauritian Property Legal Practitioner

Our office in Mauritius has a Property Legal Practitioner that will be able to assist with all legal compliance, corporate governance and dispute arbitration and drafting of service level agreements. The company has employees performing the following duties:
• Litigation Attorney
• Attorney
• Our practice, in association with litigating attorneys, offers property legal advice, preparation of legal briefs and litigation.
• Legal letters to owners/tenants regarding compliance with the relevant Companies Act/Municipal by-laws and Mauritian legislation is drafted on instruction of the directors with the relevant legislation ensuring that the breaches of owners can be legally enforced.
• Attending to legal counsel inspection of zoning rights and property law and the implementation of any aesthetic and national building regulations and compliance thereof. Supported with deeds searches, zoning site development plans and confirmation of servitude and service restrictions.
• The implementation of legal letters and drafting of legal briefs regarding the regulation set by Mauritian Law set by companies with regards to ownership rights and the scheme development obligations pertaining to the communal property.

Investment and Financial Manager Our office has a long-standing reputation for managing of investment funds and acting as a financial manager for legal entities that require independent financial management and Independent audits compliant with international standards

Currently, we have tenders for the Mauritian office for investment and financial management of two development projects: In light of services rendered we ensure monthly financial reporting, approval of beneficiaries in terms of payment certificates and PPS schedules which is confirmed and verified monthly as well as annually with audited financial statements.

Principal: WL Nieuwoudt has extensive experience in complicated property matters relating to finance and legal litigation. Wanda Nieuwoudt is the director of Paxton-Cerva and is a qualified attorney with over 20 years’ experience in property management and development.

Property sales and leasing Our Mauritian office would like to explore and expand our comprehensive property portfolio regarding residential as well as commercial clients. We will offer the following services:
• Draft lease agreement and negotiations on behalf of the client
• Sales
• Letting
• Rental
• Assist with owner/tenant dispute resolution

Property Business Development
• Establishment requirements of development
• Legal contracts and/or legal statutory documents
• Budget calculations
• Cash flow projections
• Drafting of leasing and sales agreements for residential and/or commercial
• Recovery case studies on utilities and find suitable solutions for hardware installation on Smart City products that integrate with our IT platform
• Interpretation of development plans and management of financial data and transactions verified on a mobile app and an accounting platform compliant with international accounting standards hosted on a cloud-based solution.
• We create on our facilities platform a database that confirms the asset register link to service periods, warranties and guarantees and service level agreements with contractors.
• We are able to create an IT platform that hosts all the historical data of a building and/or development that is integrated with an accounting platform that will enable investors and/or developers to draw analytical data to establish and confirm cash-flow predictions, yield income variances, maintenance and repair requirements, budgets linked to service level agreements that integrates on an interactive live mobile app that can verify all assets registered linked to the budget and service level agreements.