Property Matters

  • Do you know what you are buying?
  • Do you have a dispute with your Body Corporate or Home Owners Association?
  • Do you trust the accuracy of the financial reporting of your Home Owners Association or Body Corporate?
  • Do you have a dispute with your sales or rental agent, or your landlord?

Paxton-Cerva can assist you in resolving these issues.

  • Property Management
  • Property Management compliance with Sectional Titles Act, CSOS Act, Trust Administration Act

We offer expert advice and assistance in the following fields:


  • Body Corporate governance
  • Financial compliance to the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act
  • CSOS compliance
  • Exclusive use area registration
  • Verification of site development plans and Land Surveyor General diagrams


  • Non-profit companies
  • Financial audits
  • Common property ownership investigations
  • Community Scheme Ombud Services (CSOS) compliance
  • Owner and director dispute arbitration

Obtain Property information

  • Obtaining Land Surveyor General (LG) diagrams
  • Changes on Scheme Diagrams
  • Title deed ????
  • Deed searches
  • Windeed investigations
  • Obtain approved plans from council
  • Property Valuations
  • Confirmation of council approved plans and development requirements
  • Register exclusive use per notarial deed and/or management rule
  • Attend to bulk contributions and zoning applications to comply with municipal by-laws

Property Investigations

  • Forensic property investigations in association with Land Surveyor, Land Surveyor General and the Deeds Office
  • Obtaining the zoning and servitude rights of developments
  • Deeds Office investigations regarding registered rules
  • Confirmation of exclusive use rights schedules and certificates
  • Investigations of zoned parking areas and common property confirmation